These are troubled times that the World faces today. A time when physical offices are no longer operational and entire workforces have to work remotely; from far flung locations. As the World continues to adjust to newer ways of working (and living), and the situation ceases to be a temporary one, there needs to be a scientific methodology for organising a Workforce which can function smoothly from remote locations.

There are obvious operational challenges that would entail with an entire Workforce on a Work-from-Home Model; and employees with high potential on specific personality traits are more likely to perform better, in such an extraordinary scenario.

Caliper’s latest research has taken a deep dive into Psychometrics to address such personality traits; and created an Assessment Model* to gauge the potential of the Remote Worker.



Composure and Resiliency – Remaining calm under pressure with the ability to perform to a high standard during times of stress.
Information Seeking – Taking initiative to learn new things in order to adapt to the new needs of their role during a crisis.
Learning Agility – Quickly adapting to new needs, methods, and processes as workloads and priorities change.
Accountability – Reliably completing work, taking ownership of their role, and accepting responsibility for mistakes or innovations as they occur.
Decisiveness – Taking calculated risks by making decisions and taking action, even in the absence of all information.
Initiating Action – Self-starting and taking a lead role in improving or enhancing a product or service, avoiding problems, or developing entrepreneurial opportunities.
Time Management – Completing tasks in a timely manner, without missing deadlines, sacrificing quality, or leaning on others for additional help.
Adaptability – Being flexible to accommodate changes to their role, responsibilities, or department as they happen, and quickly adjusting to the new environment.
Relationship Building – Developing effective long-term professional interactions with others based on trust

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