With the Caliper’s Advisor Competency Report for Operator Advisor, you will gain a concise and accurate picture of a candidate’s strengths, limitations and overall potential for the job.

The product includes:

  • An elaborate report that helps with both selection and development
  • A detailed analysis of the individual’s strengths and possible development areas
  • Descriptions of potential competencies and representative behaviours in easy to understand terms
  • A phone consultation with a consultant to explain the report’s results and its implications (accreditation in Caliper also available to allow in-house interpretation and debriefing)
  • Behavioural-based interview questions to ask candidates based on assessment results in recruitment reports
  • Managing for Success suggestions, which include coaching recommendations and tips for working with the individual
  • A Function-Fit index and/or Caliper Consultant’s recommendation can be included

Operators run and supervise the operation of tools, machines, vehicles, or systems. They focus on completing specific tasks, which may be related to a manufacturing process, logistics and materials handling, or other work area in which employees work to meet Indian and/or international standards for quality, safety, and productivity. Operators may also be responsible for set-up or installation of machinery, equipment, or software.

Examples of Operator Positions in India are:
Fork Lift Operator, Truck Driver, Delivery Driver, Machine Operator, Machinist, Packer, Packaging Technician, Production Technician, Filler Operator, Fabricator, Assembler.


Quality Focus – Operators ensure that all work in their area of the business, but also throughout the organisation, by vendors and suppliers throughout India, etc. is performed skillfully and to high standards for quality and integrity.

Time Management – Operators focus on completing all work tasks in the allocated time while remaining responsive enough to react to competing demands and shifting priorities. They are able to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously while still being organised, keeping on top of important time-sensitive tasks, and performing all work meticulously.

Safety Focus – They take the necessary practical actions to minimise the incidence and probability of workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Operators excel at keeping up with current workplace safety laws, research, and best practices; raising awareness for safety-related issues; remaining vigilant for potential hazards; and taking every precaution to protect the well-being of all employees.

Extended Task Focus – Operators are able to work on the same task for an extended amount of time while staying focused and engaged. They are comfortable with a structured schedule and well-defined work tasks.

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