For almost any position in the wholesale and manufacturing industry, the Caliper Profile can help you get clear about your candidate’s and employee’s potential for success.

Most companies in the wholesale and manufacturing industry are extremely adept at hiring skilled employees that can produce, or understand, their product range.

However when it comes to identifying the key drivers needed for success in the varying positions in the industry, a lot of companies tend to rely on demonstration of skill or past experience.

This often leads to hiring the wrong salespeople or managers in particular, or promoting employees away from a role they were very skilled at in to a position they’re not suited for.

The Caliper Profile has been used extensively in this industry to help wholesale and manufacturing businesses identify whether a candidate, or employee, has the potential necessary to succeed in a particular role.

Specifically, Caliper has helped its clients to:

  • Ensure that each new employee, entering the organisation is a ‘good fit’ for the position they are being recruited for
  • Analyse and evaluate the suitability of those in the sales, and account management team, and how they can most effectively be trained
  • Build the effectiveness of teams through Caliper’s Team Building Program
  • Identify those with the potential to ‘step up’ to management and leadership positions, and help them get there most effectively through Caliper’s Leadership Development Program

Whether it be hiring a new staff member, developing leaders, or analysing the effectiveness of teams, Caliper has the experience and insights necessary to take your wholesale and manufacturing business to the next level.