Caliper’s extensive understanding of the traits necessary for success in all positions in the utilities industry allows you to make your most informed personnel decisions ever.

The Caliper Profile is a job-matched personality assessment that has been used to assess the potential of candidates and employees in the utilities industry for decades.

Given the diverse range of roles in the utilities sector, Caliper’s ability to customise reports to match the exact position being assessed is essential.  Each Caliper report is written by a consultant, which means that each and every Profile is relevant to the exact needs of the organisation.

In the utilities sector, Caliper has helped its clients to:

  • Ensure that each new employee entering the organisation is a ‘good fit’ for the position they are being recruited for
  • Identify the potential of each employee to ‘grow beyond’ their entry level or specialist role to ensure that the next generation of managers and leaders are constantly being developed
  • Identify ‘gaps’ and development pathways that will respond to coaching, training and mentoring
  • Build the effectiveness of teams through facilitation

Whether it be identifying the potential of sales representatives, account managers, specialists, managers, leaders, administration staff, project managers, customer service officers, or any position in the utilities industry, Caliper has the expertise to help you make the right decisions.