Whether it be hiring a new employee, improving performance or developing managers and leaders, the Caliper Profile is the starting point.

The Caliper Profile is a job-matched personality assessment that has been used to assess the potential of candidates and employees in the transport and logistics industry for decades.

Measuring 23 personality traits as well as an Abstract Reasoning component, the Caliper Profile measures an individual’s strengths, potential limitations and overall potential for a job.  Each Caliper report is written by a consultant, which means that each and every Profile is relevant to the exact needs of the organisation.

This means the Caliper Profile doesn’t just measure an individual’s potential for sales in general, it measures an individual’s potential to sell your company’s services, in your industry, to your clientele.

In the transport and logistics sector, Caliper has helped its clients to:

  • Ensure that each new employee entering the organisation is a ‘good fit’ for the position they are being recruited for
  • Identify ‘gaps’ and development pathways that will respond to coaching, training and mentoring
  • Build the effectiveness of teams through Caliper’s Team Building Program
  • Identify those with the potential to ‘step up’ to management and leadership positions, and help them get there most effectively

Whether it be hiring a new warehouse manager, developing a supply chain manager, or evaluating the potential of the sales team, Caliper can help transport and logistics companies get clear about their talent management process.