With so many providers out there, having the best staff in IT & Web Development is essential.  Caliper can help you identify them.

The difference between a successful business in the IT & Web Development industry and those that never quite make it often comes down to the quality of their people.

As the industry becomes more and more competitive, many business owners and managers realise that success in the industry comes down to much more than building a great website or fixing problematic computers and networks.

The Caliper Profile takes the guess work and ‘gut feel’ out of the hiring process for IT & Web Development companies by predicting whether a candidate is likely to be successful, before a hiring decision is made.

Caliper has helped its clients hire salespeople that can not only understand the issues facing their prospects from a technical perspective, but also sell.

Our profile reports also help ensure that client facing staff are capable of developing rapport, building relationships and providing excellent customer service.

The key concept is job-matching – the Caliper Profile measures your candidates against exactly what you need for success in a role.

You’ll have accurate knowledge of where your candidate is likely to excel in the role, and where they’re likely to have difficulty to help you make your most informed hiring decisions ever.