For over 50 years, Caliper has been an expert at identifying the qualities, traits and characteristics necessary for success in the insurance industry.

Over five decades, Caliper has been working with both large and small insurance companies hire the right people, and develop top performing employees.

It has become apparent that finding and developing high quality staff in the insurance industry is particularly challenging – many managers look for experienced staff with previous product knowledge, or the required qualifications to work in the industry.

Caliper has often been asked to step in and provide the answers to two key, ongoing questions:

  1. How do we consistently hire those that have the potential to succeed in our business?
  2. How can we help our current employees play to their strengths and achieve peak performance?

The Caliper Profile focuses on identifying what really matters to you as a manager in the insurance industry: clear and definitive information about a individual’s strengths, potential limitations and overall potential to succeed in an insurance role.

Whether it be for a new insurance agent, a business development manager, a sales support officer, a claims officer, an underwriter, or any other position in an insurance business, Caliper has the expertise to assess whether they have the natural strengths and characteristics necessary for success.