Caliper’s customised report formats allow incredible levels of depth and accuracy when assessing the potential of individuals in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Caliper Australia’s greatest strength since its inception has been working with chemical and pharmaceutical companies to help them recruit, retain and develop great staff.

Given the often technical nature of roles in these industries, evaluating a candidate or staff member’s innate potential to succeed in a role can prove incredibly difficult.

The Caliper Profile is a job-matched personality assessment, written by a consultant to match the exact role being assessed.  This means that Caliper’s clients can evaluate candidates and employees relevant to their particular job roles, clientele, working environment and company culture.

Specifically, Caliper assists its clients in the industry to:

  • Ensure that each new employee entering the organisation is a ‘good fit’ for the position they are being recruited for
  • Identify the potential of each employee to ‘grow beyond’ their entry level or specialist role to ensure that the next generation of managers and leaders are constantly being developed
  • Identify ‘gaps’ and development pathways that will respond to coaching, training and mentoring

Caliper has worked with national and international chemical and pharmaceutical companies in all stages of the employee life cycle, including the hiring process, individual development, team building and leadership development.

Whether it be identifying the potential of sales representatives, account managers, analysts, managers, leaders, administration staff, chemists, customer service officers, or any position in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Caliper has the experience to help you make the right decisions.