A Caliper Affiliation or Certification will give you access to detailed, innovative, and research-backed assessments that you can leverage to enhance client partnerships. As a Caliper Affiliate or Certified Partner, you are guaranteed to improve results in relation to recruitment, training and team performance.

You will learn how to:

Respond to your client’s unique needs, providing role-specific analysis of a world-leading personality assessment tool

  • Offer a highly-developed and globally respected service that can be applied to recruitment, as well as professional and company development
  • Grow your professional reach and reputation
  • Create a new source of income for your business
  • Have a cost effective talent management solution ideal for the Indian marketplace


Unlike a lot of other personality assessments in India, the Caliper Profile provides an in-depth, high quality assessment of potential at a low cost.

Measuring 22 personality attributes, and Abstract Reasoning, this assessment provides insights across the entire employee lifecycle, and for a wide variety of job roles. This means you will become proficient in using one of the world’s most precise, innovative and in-depth assessment platforms, without the high price tag usually associated with such functionality.

The Caliper Profile ensures effective results through job-matching. You will be able to assess a person’s strengths and shortcomings against the specific needs of the role and the business in question.

As an Caliper Affiliate or Partner you will be able to:

  • Access the Caliper Analytics platform to custom design assessments using Caliper’s unique online system
  • Cost effectively shortlist candidates in the recruitment process on metrics relevant to the role
  • Directly compare individuals based on their personality
  • Conduct training needs analysis on large groups to ensure targeted training interventions
  • Grow client profits, and your value, by pinpointing individual and group professional development needs
  • Apply your expertise to unique, client-specific, leadership development programs
  • Understand the career path of graduates or employees


Unlike most commercial personality assessment tools, Caliper does not rely on just eight personality types, generic questions, and a non-specific report. Instead, the Caliper Profile is custom-built to allow for comprehensive and specific evaluation. This means you can use a person’s profile results not just for recruitment, but for on boarding, development, team building, coaching and organisational development.

The Caliper Profile identifies 22 personality traits, as well as Abstract Reasoning and takes about an hour to complete. This means it can be used to analyse an individual’s suitability for a specific role, as well as their problem solving and decision-making abilities.


As a Caliper Affiliate, you will have access to Caliper tools including:

  • Caliper Analytics (cMetrics features only – role, competency and behavioural measures)
  • Caliper Potential Report
  • Caliper Sales Potential Report
  • Advisor Competency Reports with debriefs from Caliper

All Caliper Affiliates receive a compulsory two hour training on how to use the Caliper assessment system.


As a Caliper Certified Partner,  you will have access to all Caliper tools including:

  • Caliper Analytics (full access to cMetrics and cTalent)
  • Highly preferential pricing
  • Caliper Potential Report
  • Caliper Sales Potential Report
  • Advisor Competency Reports without requirement for debrief from Caliper

Trainees attend an intensive program over three days, learning how to interpret the Caliper Profile and apply this knowledge to improve talent management outcomes.

At the end of these three days, we will assess trainees’ knowledge, as well as their interpretive and feedback skills. If successful they will become Certified Partners.

If you’d like a copy of Caliper’s sample reports, or to discuss this opportunity, simply get in touch via the form below.