Caliper Analytics puts the power of the Caliper Profile at your fingertips – providing instantaneous, customisable dashboards for hiring, development and workforce planning.

To stay ahead in this highly competitive era, today’s organisations and firms not only have to make smart and predictive hiring decisions; but they also need to have the ability to understand team dynamics, assess training needs and build talent management systems.

Usually, this involves varying levels of employee assessment or reporting which often includes doing multiple tests- this can be both economically and time costly.
Caliper Analytics is a pioneering talent management platform that leverages the results of the one Caliper Profile questionnaire to allow an organisation or firm to instantly identify individuals and teams against an extensive library of Caliper job roles and associated behaviours – all at the click of a button!
This cloud-based platform allows managers, recruiters, consultants and trainers to:

  • Instantly assess the potential of individuals against researched job roles and families
  • Gain a clear and concise view of the current talent pool by evaluating Caliper Profile results in easy to read, customisable dashboards
  • Identify the position where each individual in the organisation is likely to be best deployed whether in current or future positions without the need to purchase multiple reports.
  • Instantly rank your team/employees on any Caliper role or behaviour to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Design your own tailor made competency frameworks from Caliper’s extensively researched library
  • Identify organisational gaps and training areas such as leadership, management and sales that would bring a positive difference to the organisation or firm.

Compare top performers with others to understand the dynamics of your talent pool and to create balanced and aligned project teams for better performance or results.



Rather than flipping through static reports that might have to be re-run every time the role changes, you can now align employee development training and business goals with certainty, and determine how to achieve maximum productivity.

This platform has been designed to allow Caliper’s customers to leverage their current and incoming Caliper Profile data as effectively as possible, and it is offered at as an extremely cost effective annual subscription.
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